Benefits to Customer

Real Time Measurement leads to Cost Management


Example: Cost benefit from yield improvement

  • 10 Tonnes of product produced per day;

  • Value of Product : €2,000 per tonne.

  • Value of production equals: €20,000.

  • For only a .5% yield improvement the business will benefit by €100 per day (€25,000 per annum).


Example : Cost Benefit from production line efficiency improvement

  • A production line with six production workers.

  • Daily production hours equal 48.

  • Assuming an hourly cost of €12 equates to €576 Euros.

  • A 10% efficiency improvement will equate a saving of almost €60 per day (€15,000 per annum).


Product Traceability

Proven product traceability which compliments quality systems to meet customer and legislative requirements.

Product specifications available throughout the factory at the touch of a button.


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