Supply Chain

Good Supply Chain Management is vital to manufacturing industry. 
Correct levels of all stocks (Raw Materials and Finished Products) are essential. 
Too much stock will result in excessive storage costs not to mention adversely affect cash flow. Too little stocks will almost invariably interrupt production and impair customer service.


Our software will insure the full range of supply chain issues are managed in a user friendly manner that will insure the highest level of customer service at the lowest operating cost


Supply Chain: A comprehensive supply chain management system incorporating suppliers and their raw materials through to customers and finished products.Batch Traceability: The system tracks the traceability codes of all materials used from supplier materials to dispatch of products to customers. Products sold are readily traceable to all other sales from the same batch.

Production Scheduling: There is a facility to produce a weekly master schedule and detailed daily schedules. This enables the user to maintain optimum stock levels of all items. In addition specific make to order items are scheduled and produced on a timely basis to meet customer requirements.

Stock Management: Multiple stock reports can be viewed on the system which details historical and real time stock levels. These reports detail individual products or grouped by product types.

Product Recipe: Our system provides a recipe management element which ensures accuracy of raw material required to produce finished products.

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